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About Us

We are an international tech company with development hubs based in Belarus and Argentina.

We landed in Argentina in 2013, with two offices located in Buenos Aires and Santa Fe city.

Our mission is to provide technology solutions through software development, helping Startups in USA and Europe to build their innovative process and products.

As we are passionate about technology our main projects are related to Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT.

To make this happen the tools we use are: Javascript, Ruby and Ethereum technologies.

Altoros MindsetsπŸš€

βš– The Code is the Law

Code quality is above all, drives our company to deliver high-value projects.

No room for mediocre code, no room for subjectivity. The Code is Law

🀝 Relationship Builders

Altoros culture is people oriented, we believe that strong relationships are important to

get results, overcome adversities and love our job.

πŸ—£ Natural Communicators

The essence in our culture is communication.

We are always connected in a friendly, simple and effective way.

πŸ‘‘ Guided by Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is not negotiable, we put our best in everything that we do.

πŸ† Best Results

Our path has been defined by great projects, happy customers and an unstoppable growth for 6 years.

We believe that success is built on our passion for coding, our disruptive spirit and being on top of the latest technology trends.

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About yourself

You are passionate about high quality, reliable and maintainable code. You feel comfortable working side by side with product managers, designers, customers and other software specialists (development, architecture, infrastructure, cloud, big data, etc.) making decisions in conjunction with the goal of delivering working software with value business to customers and end users.

You believe in and practice agile methodologies. You evaluate your success based on the success of the team and the happiness of the customers. You are a fast learner and you feel passion for open-source projects.

What we are doing

We are currently working on e-commerce, IoT and AI projects using Javascript as the main stack language (Node.js & Typescript), React, Redux, MQTT protocol for device real-time communication and serverless architectures (mostly AWS Lambda).

Knowledge/Experience in the following Tech Stack:

These are nice to have:

Benefits of working with us:

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