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About Altoros

Altoros is a 250+ people strong consultancy company, helping Fortune 100 digitize their revenue streams through training, deployment, and integration of innovative technologies.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, California), Altoros has a sales office in Western Massachusetts, and branch offices in Norway and Finland, and software development centers in Europe (Minsk, Belarus) and Argentina (Buenos Aires and Santa Fé).

In Argentina we provide software development services, helping Startups to build their innovative products by providing them with our expertise and working side by side with them.

We are currently working on a variety of projects in different industries such as Pharma, IoT, Financial and e-commerce. We help start-ups to develop their product in the best possible way, providing them with our technical expertise; we develop internal tools, web sites, cloud services, applications, among many others. The scope of the projects vary, in most of them we start from zero, involving in the first definitions of the development cycle.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a person who loves creating projects and products from scratch, who is creative and curious to find the best sources of useful information about the blockchain industry, companies and technology trends.

We aim for a person that has a strong technical background combined with a business acumen to understand client’s business, products, technical problems they may be facing and take all that information to transform it into an innovative and useful product/project proposal. This person will also coordinate and guide developers to meet the higher standards and expectations of the project.

What will you do?

What do you need to know?

Our benefits

What now?

If you decide to apply (we highly encourage you to do so!), this is what you should expect:

a.📑 Someone from the HR Team (yes, a real person) will let you know that we received your application, and that we will be reviewing your resume further

you should be getting this message at most 24 hs after you apply.

b. 📞 Now that you have dazzled us, we want to know you more! Your HR person will contact you to arrange an interview, it could be face to face or a call.

This may take up to 2 days after our first contact.

c.👩🏼‍💻 👨🏼‍💻 It's time for you to meet part of the team. It coud also be onsite or by phone, whatever works best for both, the idea is for you to get to know more about the position, who you would be working with and viceversa. We want to make sure that we are aligned in expectations as far as the role goes.

You should expect this step to be arranged by your HR person up to 3 days after you had the HR interview and this meeting could last up to 1 hour.

d. We will send you a assessment simulating the first step of how we create a client proposal, we want to know your ideas and your creativity. We will discuss your ideas together.

e. 🌟 Final round! You've made it to the last stage, here you'll meet the Ops Director in a conversation to give you feedback regarding the results of the assessment

⏳ Your HR person will let you know if you got to this stage (and if you didn't as well) up to 5 days at most after you had the last interview (internally we're discussing your profile in detail)

f. 💰 Offer: In case we all agree that you are the one we were looking for, you'll receive a written offer in your email. Bare in mind that in Altoros we have a transparent salary policy that is directly linked with the seniority of the role. This means that the offer we are making is the best one we can make, we won't be able to negotiate the final number.

You should expect a feedback (wether is positive or not) up to 7 days after you've had the final interview.

g. 🙌🏻 Onboarding: If you decide to accept our offer (we really hope you do!), your HR Person will arrange a start date, medical check and set up everything else for your first day at Altoros.

Your HR Person will be following up with you all along the way, so please if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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